Challenges I work with

Work frustrations. Intimacy struggles. Difficulty in finding friends. Whatever the challenge is, you don’t have to be alone on your quest to see the world in a colourful gradient, not a dull monotone. 

Personal development, the down to earth way

3 + 15 =


  • You feel that your manager is not acknowledging or valuing your efforts. You harbor resentment or you feel guilty that you’re not doing your best.
  • You feel exhausted, physically and mentally. You start dreading work, become irritable and your performance declines.
  • You find it difficult to interact with peers and managers.
  • You don’t understand why you seem to be receiving more work with no reward.
  • You set very high standards for yourself and others, which leaves you disappointed most of the time. Anything less than your absolute best is not good enough and it makes you exhausted.
  • You feel under stress all the time. Every time you tell yourself you want to have a slower day, something happens that puts you in overdrive.
  • You feel that your reputation is under threat at all times.
  • You struggle with maintaining boundaries with colleagues.


  • Breakups are excruciatingly difficult for you. They leave you thinking you’re the sole responsible and that you’re not capable of having a relationship.
  • You stopped seeking intimacy with your partner. When intimacy is sought from you, all you want to do is to be by yourself in solitude.
  • You are exhausted from trying to make everything happen in the relationship. You feel it is your responsibility that the relationship succeeds so you do everything you can to keep your partner around.
  • You can’t seem to understand how you ended up in the same type of toxic relationship again. Even if this time it felt different, the outcome was the same and left you just as disillusioned.


  • You feel your friends make you do things you don’t want to do, but you feel apprehensive to deny their asks. You wish you had more courage to be assertive, but there are consequences you fear. 
  • You are always the one your friends call to vent and blow off steam. You listen to them patiently and carefully. But when you need some connection, your friends seem to not be able to handle the situation very well. 
  • It is very difficult for you to make new friends. You feel you will always say something silly that will make people get a poor impression of you, so you prefer to stay away. 


  • You don’t remember the last time you did something for yourself. All your leisure activities are for the sake of the others. 
  • If someone were to ask you what your values are, you wouldn’t know what to answer and that is very uncomfortable to you.
  • You often find yourself questioning your purpose and that usually leads to low mood. 

Could this apply to you?

Deep-seated beliefs about oneself, others & the world

Overwhelm in handling life’s stressors

Behaviours that become unhelpful & detrimental

Difficulties in daily situations & interactions

Get the structure you need to move ahead.

There is breakthrough when...

You feel you have a space in which no matter how silly your thoughts sound, you can share them without condemnation. You trust the process.

You understand how your past experiences contributed to your present beliefs and feelings. Patterns start to be visible.

The missing link suddenly pops into your mind, bringing clarity. Although you might feel uneasy, you are more in control than ever.

You translate what you know into actionable changes you can implement immediately. Old reactive scenarios start to dwindle and new behaviours take root.