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Coaching & counselling for emotional eating, nutrition and mental health

What you put in matters

What emotional meaning do you give to food? What are your earliest memories about the dinner table? What does eating mean to you? These are powerful clues to deciphering your current challenges.

You keep on spending hours in the gym, counting every single calorie and then the craving hits… There is a clear connection between the chemistry of your food intake and your overall mood. 

Do you wish you had a sustainable approach to living a healthy lifestyle? Do you feel that the way “it’s supposed to work” is too restrictive? Your relationship with your body and how you nourish it is a key piece of the puzzle.

I understand...

I have personally experienced all of the above and more – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve been on quite a journey of understanding the role food played in my life, and I’d like to facilitate that progression for you too. 

Make peace with your fridge

I work with people like you to achieve the much-needed balance between body and mind. I mainly focus on the emotional side behind the eating behaviours. 

It is possible for you to:

  • Listen to your body
  • Understand the basic chemistry behind food and your body
  • Connect your hidden beliefs and your eating behaviours

All it takes is one initial step. 

How we'd work together

  • Look at your current “lay of the land”
  • Food diaries 
  • Emotion assessment
  • Start to make links
  • Dietary changes
  • Routine shifts
  • Tackle challenges
  • Notice what’s working
  • Embracing long-lasting enhancements

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