Change is indeed possible

Imagine a world where you feel confident and in control of your relationships. Picture a future where you navigate the ups and downs of love and life with courage and grace. If you like what you see, working together can get you there.

It was all well until...

You noticed you started to become excessively self-conscious in social settings. You feel everything you say has high stakes, so you’d rather not say anything at all than suffer the possible humiliation. You can become controlling and snappy in stressful situations and you are left wondering how the things you feared the most ended up happening.

You realised it’s the third job in a row that seems to be going pear-shaped after a short while. Your boss starts to annoy you, your colleagues seem to be oblivious to the bad state of things, and you end up being isolated, absent from all work events, and convinced to your core something is wrong. It’s just that you can’t put your finger on it.

You catch sight of how no one seems to be getting along with you. Your manager doesn’t see your potential at work, your friends can be mean and inconsiderate, and fights with your partner vastly outweigh the tender moments. You wish you were calmer with your children. Your relationships are roller coasters that leave you befuddled, sad, and exhausted.

Good news is...

You can absolutely change how you view yourself, particularly in relation to others. Through coaching, you can understand how you created unconscious life priorities, that guide your movement in life. These priorities helped you survive in the past, but they’re no longer necessary now.

Your gut is trying to tell you transformation is afoot. The patterns that join up your job experiences can usually depict a detailed picture of how you face workplace dynamics. Even the smallest of changes can help you foster a more productive work environment. We can work together to come up with actionable change plans.

You don’t need to try to change others to enjoy better relationships. The solution actually lies within yourself. In fact, the only person you can control is yourself! An improved you can and will attract different types of relationship dynamics, even with the same people you’ve known for years! How liberating is that? 

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My story in a nutshell

As I was trying to find my place in the world, I struggled with many emotional challenges in virtually all areas of my life. On the outside, I was smart, beautiful and successful. On the inside, I was despondent and dispirited. With time, effort and a caring listener, I was able to turn my gaze outward to the spectacular array of possibilities this world has for us! 

Having witnessed the transformational power of therapeutic change, I am motivated to give some of it back to others and help them attain the ideal world they are seeking. 

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