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Motherhood. Relationships. Career. Personal Empowerment. No matter what is weighing on you, personal life coaching for women can help you make the decisions you want and face the implications with courage and grace. Find out how you can do that with a FREE call.

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Relationship's rocky, but not sure what to do?

We all have our way of coping with choices. We will discover what your unique way is, explore consequences of said choices, and work towards an outcome that is most satisfying to you.

Don't understand how motherhood fits into the overall picture?

Working with a women’s life coach can equip you with the resources you need to make the most out of motherhood. Childhood years matter as much for the mom as it does for the child. It would be a shame to let that fly by without maximising its resources.

Want to know what womanhood means to you?

Womanhood is complex and its nuances can vary wildly, so it’s normal you might be confused as to what means to you. You might be clashing with external definitions that have been imposed on you. Working with a life coach that has walked that walk can help you set it straight.

Want to understand why you feel stuck?

And, of course, bid that feeling farewell! I can help you put things into perspective and understand the beliefs that contributed to your current state. You will also get actionable insights you can apply straight away to bring about palpable change. 

How other women benefit

In their own words

I’m no longer a prisoner of my thoughts and reactions!

I can see what I was really wanting from others.

I feel a weight has been taken off my shoulders.

I know what to do to be more grounded.

I go into the world confident that I am capable.

I can see the pieces fitting together.

Let's talk about how you can feel the same.

Hi, I'm Maddie

I help women gain more confidence in their own feelings, thoughts and behaviours so that they can love what they see in the mirror every morning. I facilitate their progression from a point of chronic self-doubt and confusion to a place of trust that life’s surprises won’t knock them out.

I use techniques from coaching and therapy to help you get the resources you need to progress and receive the presence needed for growth & flourishing.

You will have the space to explore whatever is on your mind. What you will not have is a session which leaves you wondering at the end “I don’t understand what just happened”.

In my personal development journey, I got to experience the transformational power of an actively involved helper. That is what I want to be for you. It means that you’ll sometimes hear difficult things. But just like going to the gym is sometimes difficult, so is working your mental & emotional muscles.

Photo of Maddie, Adlerian life coach

Your questions answered

How do clients see results?

The short answer is that by turning dusty old dogmas into new adaptive behaviour, the life “dance” changes. This can manifest in closer romantic relationships, more work productivity, more satisfying friendships, or simply knowing what you want from life. My role is facilitating that progression through a careful balance of holding and challenge. I leverage techniques from coaching and counselling to provide the immediate resources you often need and the attunement and listening needed for growth.

Does online coaching work?

If done rightly, online coaching can help you get results. There are some benefits to face-to-face coaching, such as somatic work. That doesn’t mean that online coaching cannot offer palpable results. I plan to open a face-to-face practice later in 2024.

How many sessions do I need?

It’s a clear case of “it depends”. You can get useful insights even during your first session, or things start coming into place from the 5th session. Generally speaking, 20 sessions is a promising starting point for long-lasting shifts.

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