Escape the maze

Start the new year with a way out of your anxieties. Enjoy the freedom of being courageously imperfect with the help of therapeutic coaching.

black and white labyrinth

How would your world look like if:

  • You didn’t feel so much pressure to perform at work
  • You didn’t think a mistake would lead to people thinking less of you
  • You weren’t exhausted and irritable with others
  • You were able to put a boundary between your life and your work

Sounds blissful? You could get there with therapeutic coaching!

I fought my anxiety maze and won. Now I help others navigate theirs so that they can go into the world with renewed courage, hope and resilience. Take advantage of my end-of-year promotion to start turning your anxiety from an overwhelming giant to a tamable creature.

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Stages of escaping the maze


  1. New awareness of hidden beliefs
  2. Unconscious commands: ideal self
  3. Finding out how things feel


  1. Need assertion
  2. Grieving what is lost
  3. Reorientation of ideas and feelings


  1. Corrective experiences
  2. Turning outward to others
  3. Finding your inner parts

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What's the deal about?

Not sure about therapeutic coaching? Check out my articles to learn more about the vast universe of self-awareness. 

  • Free 30-minute consultation call
  • Clear strategy setting
  • £60 per session (50-60 minutes per session)
  • Minimum commitment of 5 sessions
  • Payment in installments accepted

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