Gain confidence by practising courage

vector picture showing a woman choosing between different types of mindsets: scared, sad, or happy

October 12, 2023

Article written for Life Coaching Directory. Many people wonder how to be more confident in tricky situations. For some, it is at work. For others, it is with friends. No matter the context, oozing confidence takes practice, which is in the grasp of everyone.

We tend to filter new experiences according to our expectations. When we expect to be awkward, shy, or silly, we will create experiences reinforcing our self-fulfilling prophecies about ourselves, others, and life. Being more confident is no easy feat, but is achievable by practising courage. In this article, you will find out how you can hone the skill of courage to boost self-confidence.

How does low confidence appear?

The simple answer is that it starts as soon as we are born. When we are children, we feel like minions in a world of giants. Literally, everyone around us is physically bigger. Everyone else seems to be self-sufficient, too. Meanwhile, we are puny and utterly dependent on our caregivers for survival. That seems like a pretty inferior place to start, does it not?

So we attempt to overcome this sense of inferiority during our formative years. We pay very close attention to our experiences and get ideas about how to get from that point of felt minus to perceived plus. We are alert to signals that convey what we can expect from others, our efforts, and life in general. Our earliest experiences tend to determine the expectations that will guide us during the rest of our lives. 

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